Project Description

Art Cinemas
Building 18
Olde Mistick Village
27 Coogan Blvd.
Mystic, CT 06355

At the Art Cinemas growing up in “The Business” didn’t always mean Hollywood, until now. The art cinemas have been completely renovated offering luxurious seating and adult beverages. When you walk through the doors  you will more than likely bump into its owner Bill Dougherty. Starting out cleaning the bathrooms in his father’s theater, he witnessed firsthand what it meant to really run a business, you must be willing to do anything and be prepared for everything.

As life around us gets faster and faster, we sometimes forget to take a moment and remember where we’ve come from. A day when things were simpler and theaters were owned by everyone who ever walked through the door. In just six easy words Bill’s father said it best, “The Theater belongs to the community” and I think we are all well overdue to experience what we now own.