What an amazing day as a local of Mystic… as a resident you don’t always say that when the sun is shining and the days are warm, but just being in the Spring before the craze of the traffic and bridge, we drove downtown smoothly and even with a call ahead. Erin the manager at Engine Room knows the locals with the utmost loyalty. We walked up the stairs of the familiar, typically desolate stairs covered in snow, but not today. The buzzing outdoor tables with all females in shades and beers for the t-shirt dates. Rolled right up to our “regular” seats with quick familiar smiles and fun atmosphere…. The fun didn’t end there. The familiar most popular Candy Shop was open with the “old school” penny candy baggies is an easy ultimatum to good behavior to a restaurant! The random walk-ins end up being familiar T-Ball friends. I love being a LOCAL! A simple trip to the Shades shop with a local quick fix to some broken shades. This was the best day ever…. Not to say that my 3 year old rode a 2-wheeler for the first time!! Also amazing shot out to the Groton T-Ball league that made an amazing experience from parent volunteers. I also have to say that the real way I started off my day was a 90 minute YOGA SHALA session with the owner who laughs at the most amazing anecdotes!!