Raw bar restaurants, like Breakwater, are a particular subset of seafood restaurants. At Breakwater we serve raw oysters, clams, and mussels. Often, raw bar restaurants will also serve other seafood items steamed or otherwise cooked. For example, at a raw bar you might also find lobster shrimp, or fish, either in a buffet or to order.

Part of the appeal of the raw bar has to do with the idea of “fresh food.” This idea is gaining currency all over the world. The main idea of raw food movements is that vegetables and other plants are best eaten uncooked, in order to consume the most vitamins and nutrients. Some of these ideas are also true for fish and seafood. A raw bar often incorporates sushi dishes, a classic example of raw food that is common in many parts of the world. Unlike some other types of restaurants, these eateries have a more exotic appeal and focus, due to the fact that some customers are fans of raw seafood, while many others will not try this sort of food at all.

Often, raw bars or similar restaurants will operate in coastal areas with a unique supply of fresh seafood. Another alternate model for this type of restaurant is to diversify: for instance, many of the landlocked restaurants that offer these types of raw bars may also provide Japanese “Hibachi” style cooking on an open grill. Sushi restaurants, like Go Fish, are also becoming popular in many areas of the world, not just coastal environments. These restaurants will typically offer various cuts of raw fish in traditional or innovative sushi presentations.

Interested in trying a local raw bar? Come into Breakwater!

BREAKWATER at Stonington Harbor is a waterfront restaurant located on the Connecticut shoreline in the Stonington Borough. BREAKWATER features seafood & more, specialty cocktails, stunning sunsets & views of Stonington Harbor & Fishers Island Sound. We offer gorgeous all season sunsets & a roomy bar to keep you warm in the winter!

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11:30 – 9:00 for full service dining & our full menu available for takeout!