Created by Dick Bradsell in the late 1980s while at Fred’s Club in London for a young lady who asked for something that would, “Wake me up, and then f*CK me up.”

Keep the lights-on for this “nightcap”, the party is just getting started in the small downtown of Mystic CT restaurants and bars are crafting the world-class Espresso Martini. The espresso martini is more than a cocktail, a nightcap, or a party-starter… it is a state-of-mind, that all of a sudden time doesn’t matter, youthful enthusiastic, passionate state-of-health-wealth-and happiness. The 3 coffee bean garnish represents this state of mind that opens the night life to endless opportunities. The espresso martini is a drink turned into memory. When it comes to critique, let’s face it, size does matter, along with the shelf, technique, and presentation.

Bravo Bravo

The audience tips its’ hat to the overall unforgettable Espresso Martini at Bravo Bravo. Something about Bravo Bravo makes this espresso martini feel like a one-of-a-kind specialty cocktail. The perfection is in the presentation and the detail of the texture, the tan froth that floats on top of the espresso after its brewed that contains fatty oils that gives the cocktail its head. The strong hand of a skilled bartender knows this detail and perfects the shaker for the natural oils in the coffee to combine with air bubbles. It is argued that a tap and a swirl completes the deed to ensure the froth creams to its max.

Bravo Bravo receives an asterisk in this article as they have newly introduced the NEXT BIG THING the Cappuccino Martini.

Bravo Bravo Mystic CT. Extraordinary Espresso Martini….. The Cappuccino is amazing too!

Shipwright’s Daughter

Even with the growing popularity of Shipwright’s Daughter, it still feels like a speakeasy nook hidden away for the locals. This establishment screams classy. A date night on the town, this nightcap coupled with a homemade dessert is delectable with high quality shelf coffee beans and liqueurs. The perfect combination of freshly brewed, strong espresso, top shelf vodka, and Kahlua liquor or slightly less sweet Tia Maria liqueur.

Via Emilia

Teleport into true Italian Culture with the Averna Espresso Martini. An Averna Espresso is made with Amaro Averna liquor, espresso, vanilla syrup and chocolate bitters topped with a citrus orange garnish. Like everything else perfect about Italian Food, this cocktail is particular; shaken not stirred and made in small batches to order, keeping the freshness of the brewed espresso. The Amaro Averna liqueur is from Sicily and specific as an after dinner drink as a digestive. The flavor is balanced with orange, licorice, and Mediterranean herbs.

Chapter One

The Espresso Martini is the true Signature Drink sitting at the bar with a Cheers like feel. Everyone gets to know your name and how your Martini is ordered, Bailey’s, Kahlua, or Grand Marnier. The fresh Italian Espresso brings out the froth and the balance of strength and presentation. It is complimented by an extensive menu, but above all the FRIEND-like feel from the staff and diners.

Anthony J’s Bistro

Warm, comfortable and upscale, this romantic retreat. The ambiance is mysterious and passionate. Lights down low in a beach town getaway, the bartenders have perfected the shake and poor to create a creamy thick froth to hold the beans of health, wealth, and happiness, the foreshadowing of where the night will go.

Red 36

No doubt a water view makes the drink taste better. After the seafood tower and the bright cocktails, the Espresso Martini is a must order night cap. Summer salt air wind, fall football games at the bar and winter fireplace crackles make this 4 season restaurant known for its ambiance, food, and now espresso martini. Be ready for a STRONG pour that will serve as a pick-me-up to lace-up your dancing shoes and look for some live music.

S & P Oyster Company

Casual yet elegant dining capturing the essence of the Mystic River and Historic Drawbridge, this spot has perfected dishes, hospitality, and the Espresso Martini. . The gorgeous riverfront terrace, or upstairs bar stools makes the Espresso Martini more of an experience than a drinkThis poor is rich, indulgent, and creamy matching the smiles, laughs, and upbeat humor of the staff.

Engine Room

No doubt an award winning bar with micro brews and bourbon, the locally sourced seafood and farm fresh vegetables is a great way to start the night but it wouldn’t be complete without ending it with the Espresso Martini and the Saturday night DJs. There is less attention to the essential details of the froth and fresh espresso beans. The goal of this drink is “let’s’ get boozy”! The drink does its job as the laughter gets louder and friends become “friendlier”.