You might think sushi would be a tricky cuisine to pair with wine and other alcoholic beverages but surprisingly that’s not the case.

There are of course different toppings and fillings for sushi, some mild, some, like eel, that are quite strongly flavored but that doesn’t mean you need to be changing your drink choices with each roll. What you have to consider is that you’re not only dealing with raw fish: sushi has a touch of sweetness to take account of too. And it also depends how much soy and wasabi you add.

Eight Drinks that Make Good Pairings:

Koshu and other crisp whites. If you haven’t come across koshu you will soon. It’s a crisp clean white wine that’s made in Japan from the koshu grape. Marks & Spencer even stocks one. For a more floral flavor, try a Pinot Grigio. This Italian wine is more robust than other white wines.

Low dosage champagne and other dry sparkling wines such as drier styles of Prosecco. Prosecco is a bubbly white wine that isn’t too sweet. It contrasts nicely with the rich flavors of sushi. La Marca is a signature prosecco with a light, fruity flavor. It goes with any type of sushi.

Sake Not traditional in Japan (you don’t drink sake with rice) but it’s a brilliant combo. Sake is a tasty, fermented rice beverage. Try a dry variety, such as Hakkaisan’s Tokubetsu Junmai. Serve chilled rather than warm.

Dry riesling – very dry – Riesling is a flavorful wine that pairs well with spicy tuna.

Oaked Portuguese white – can’t explain exactly why but it works especially with the more full-on flavors of modern sushi (especially if it involves sesame)

Japanese beer – Instead of going with a dark and heavy beer, choose a light brand like Sapporo. This iconic Japanese beer pairs well with any roll and won’t overpower the sushi’s flavor. It might not be the most flavorful but it feels right. Or other light lagers. A big sweet hoppy craft beer would be too overpowering.

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