Restaurant Week Day 1: Captain Daniel Packer Inne

For Day 1 we decided to venture into Downtown Mystic and hit up Capt. Daniel Packer Inne (DPI) for some lunch. This is a very cool restaurant because not only is it a delicious restaurant but it is a big piece of Mystic history. The building has been around for 250+ years. Lunch is served in the lower “basement area” of DPI which has a limited area of seating. So fair warning it does get a little busy for lunch.

$17 Lunch Menu
Course 1:
Flatbread- Sautéed apples, caramelized onions, brie, candied walnuts, & mixed greens
Pumpkin Bisque
Course 2:
Crab Cakes- Satueed spinach, sambal coconut sauce
Spicy Chicken Tacos- Grilled chicken adobo, peanut sauce, shredded purple cabbage, cilantro, scallions, fries
Open Face Turkey Sandwich- Roasted turkey breast. cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing, & gravy over sweet potato biscuits w/ mashed potatoes
Course 3:
House-made Chocolate Chip Cookie

*This menu option did not consist of 3 courses. You got a choice of  2 courses. So either course 1 & 2 or course 2 & 3*

I decided to do the course 1 & 2 option. While having a chocolate cookie sounded good, the flatbread sounded so much better! That flatbread reminded me of a cheese board but cooked all together. It had so many savory and sweet flavors with the apples, onions, brie, and the walnuts give a nice crunch. I could’ve just eaten this and would’ve been very happy and full. It was a little hard to eat but once I stopped caring about making a mess it was worth just digging into.
Course 2 was a tough choice as all three options were a tough decision. We went with the spicy chicken tacos AND the open face turkey sandwich. First of all the tacos were delicious. The chicken had a nice grilled char to them which gave it a nice flavor. The peanut sauce also had a nice flavor to it and I ended up asking for extra because the little drizzle on top was not enough, it was that good. These tacos may have been different from your usual taco but they were an amazing different. I would definitely get them again. We also got the open faced turkey sandwich, if you couldn’t tell this sandwich was like a Thanksgiving feast within a sandwich. This was a perfect preview for Thanksgiving as it had all the traditional flavors but with a slight twist. This is also on their main menu so if you ever want Thanksgiving style food the rest of the year then you can!

I would highly recommend DPI during restaurant week and anytime after. Not only is this a great tasting restaurant but it is also a great piece of Mystic history. This is the perfect place for a quick lunch or nice dinner, or if you just want to hang out in the bar area.

For More Information on DPI:
32 Water Street
Mystic, Connecticut
They are honored that you have chosen to dine and drink with us. They prepare all of our selections from fresh, quality ingredients with imagination and care. Special orders will be honored to the best of our ability. Dine Upstairs in a tradition restaurant experience or get cozy by the fire in our pub and enjoy a meal with live entertainment. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the other options happening throughout the week!